Monday 6 January 2014


The scarph that connected the stempost to the fore part of the keel was known as the boxing. Like the other keel scarphs, it was lined with tarred flannel before being bolted to the stem.

This section represents the final piece of the keel for my model and was the most difficult to make. I temporarily glued a paper template to the swiss pear blank, then I cut it out with a mini table saw and scroll saw. I sanded the piece to the precise dimensions using a spindle sander and modeler’s files. The box scarph was carved by hand using a small chisel, and then scraped flat with a razor blade. Like the rest of the keel, I lined the boxing with vellum to simulate tarred flannel. 

Cutting the aft part of the keel section. 

Chiseling out the box scarph. 

Finished scarph compared to plans. 

Plain scarph at aft of keel section. 

Gluing the vellum in place. 

Vellum trimmed to fit. 

Finished box scarph. 

Section glued to the rest of keel. 


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