Monday 3 November 2014


The magazine with my own "wreckage" - of soon to be assembled parts. 

Canadian Geographic just released their special magazine devoted to the discovery of HMS "Erebus". It's a comprehensive issue filled with articles by members of the discovery team and some of the world's foremost Franklin researchers. It also includes some wonderful graphics, including never before seen photographs of the discovery.

I'm happy to report that Canadian Geographic asked to use my plans for their article on the ships, and if you buy the magazine you can see a custom version of HMS Terror's outboard profile, which is an updated version of a plan I produced many months ago.

They also interviewed me about the model itself and that Q and A can be seen on the digital content for the magazine here:

Special thanks to Jessica Finn, Photo Editor at Canadian Geographic, for her interest in my hobby!


  1. Wonderful! The online link isn't working, but my mother is visiting Canada (where my grandmother lives) and has bought me an issue, so I'll get to see it in print soon. Is your Q&A in the print version too?

  2. Ah, never mind, I did manage to get to the online interview at last. Very nice!

  3. Thank you Grace! Their website seems to go down often, but I've fixed the link now. Unfortunately they didn't use any of the photos or the new plans I provided to them (not sure why), but I'll post them here soon.