Saturday 21 April 2018


Those of you who follow me on social media may have noticed some cryptic Tweets and Instagram posts hinting that I would announce something "exciting" very soon. It is my great pleasure to reveal that OcCre, makers of fine ship model kits, has created the world’s first HMS Terror model kit, and it is based on my research, plans, and designs. 

OcCre's HMS Terror model is fully rigged and can be painted to match
Terror's original colour scheme

It is a beautiful fully-rigged model, and includes all the fittings and features that made Terror the world’s greatest polar exploration vessel.  You will find Captain Phillip’s Patent Capstan, her unique companionways, Masseys patent pumps, the retractable propellerher special stern lights, and her sturdy ship’s wheel. Included are three ship's boats,  the various flues for her locomotive engine, furnace, and stove, her iron bow plating, and all the rigging necessary to show her under a glorious full press of sail. The kit even includes the compass table where Crozier commanded the vessel!

Details of the model's quarterdeck/stern. Skylights, companionways, the wheel,
and even the compass table are all accurately represented. 

The unique diagonal planking characteristic of Terror's upper deck, and the
 Preston patent illuminators are all represented in fine detail. 

Some small alternations were made by OcCre to increase the ease of building the model, but, at 1:65 scale, it’s a remarkably detailed model, and highly accurate to her 1845 configuration. Full colour instructions will take the model builder through the process step-by-step; hobbyists of all skill levels will have no problem building this kit.

I have always hoped that I would one day assist a ship model company in making an accurate model of HMS Terror. That a company like OcCre has created such a model from my designs is a dream come true. Terror has long deserved the honour of having a fine model kit in her name; it’s a very elite club, especially for a Royal Navy exploration vessel.

You can build the kit using a natural wood finish,
which closely mimics qualities of my 1:48 scale model.

My 1:48 scale model for comparison. Photo Credit: Stephen Darby. 

OcCre's model uses high-quality woods which mimic the wood choices made for my scratch-built model. 

To celebrate this milestone in Terror’s career, I am giving away one of OcCre’s Terror kits. The contest is simple. Find my Twitter or Instagram accounts and 1) Like, and, 2) Comment on the post about this kit. It’s as simple as that. I will choose a winner randomly on April 27th, and will announce it on my social media accounts (i.e. you’ll have to follow me to know if you won).  If you don’t contact me within 24 hours after I announce a winner, a new winner will be announced.


If you just can’t wait to build your very own model of HMS Terror, please visit OcCre’s website, where you can order it for only € 99.95. For such a detailed and accurate kit, which involved so much historical research, it’s a sincere bargain. Also, check out OcCre's Facebook page to see more about the development of the kit. 

UPDATE!: The model is now available for sale in North America from Ages of Sail!

UPDATE 2! The model is now available directly from the UK, from Always Hobbies and it's even a little cheaper!