Monday, 29 June 2015


 Like HMS Terror? Like coffee or tea? This mug could be yours!

Today is the 202nd anniversary of Terror’s launch in Topsham, Devon, in 1813.

To celebrate, I’m giving away five coffee mugs printed with an accurate plan of Terror’s outboard profile, as she was fitted in 1845. I designed the plan and the mugs specifically for Terror’s birthday, and the giveaway is my way of thanking my readers for their comments, insight, and support.

Please note that I will not be selling the mugs; you will only be able to get one through the giveaway.

To enter, all you have to do is “share” one of my blog posts on public social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your personal blog, etc.), and provide proof to me that you’ve done so. And I’ve made it easy to share – simply click on your favorite post, and then go to the “Share it” section on the right side of the page. The five individuals with the most shares will each win a mug.

The plan used on the mug is similar to that shown in
last year’s 
Canadian Geographic Magazine.

The HMS Terror mug is Mini-Crozier approved!

Giveaway Details:

The giveaway item is one mug printed with an outboard profile plan of HMS Terror, as she was fitted in 1845. Only five mugs are available.

To enter, please “share” one of my blog posts on public social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, forums, etc.). Paste evidence that you’ve shared (a link or screen capture) into an email and send it to me directly. Each time you share a post, you’ll receive one entry to the giveaway

“Shares” must be posted to public social media accounts (no private groups or websites, please).

The giveaway will run from June 29th, 2015 to July 13th, 2015. The five individuals who have the most “shares’ during this period will each receive a mug. In the case of a tie, winners will be selected randomly. Those receiving a mug will be notified on July 14th, 2015.

Mugs will be shipped on the week of July 20th by regular parcel post, to any address provided by the winner(s). Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee safe delivery of the mug; however, they will be thoroughly packaged, in a custom protective sleeve and box.

Best of luck, and I look forward to sending you a mug! If you are looking for content to share, why not try my most recent post?

Happy birthday to HMS Terror, and sincere thanks to everyone interested in her!


  1. What a capital idea commemorating the launching of "Terror" - a great give aweigh!

  2. If I understand correctly, the idea is to link to (share) ONE of your blog articles, and whose-ever link gets re-shared most is the winner?
    Otherwise it'd be too easy when one could just link to all of your blog articles.

  3. Hi Kristina, thanks! Nope, it's just how many you share. It is very easy. You can share all my posts if you want, or you can share one post 100 times. Its up to you. It's easy because it's only a mug!

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